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Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

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Meet Beeswax Food Wrap, The #1 Plastic Alterative!

The average person uses over 2000 sq. ft. of plastic wrap every year! This has to stop... Wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, baked goods. Cover a bowl, or pack a sandwich for your child's lunch, you can do it all. Our reusable food storage wraps will last for about one year when used several times a each week. Bee’s Wrap is not recommended for use with raw meat.

Bee's Wrap is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. This combination of ingredients creates a malleable food wrap that can be used again and again. Use the warmth of your hands to wrap Bee’s Wrap around a piece of food or over a bowl or casserole dish. When the Bee's Wrap cools — within seconds — it holds its seal.

How can I best care for beeswax food wraps?

  • Use cold water when rinsing and washing
  • If needed, apply a natural dish soap to clean
  • Keep away from hot water and/or any heat sources (oven, toaster, microwave, etc.)
  • Do not use to store raw meats

How can I store beeswax food wraps?

  • You can put up a string in your pantry and hang them over
  • You can fold them up when dry and place them back in the cardboard sleeve or in a cotton produce bag
  • You can roll them up and place them in a drawer
  • Store them with your other food storage containers for easy access.

How do you dispose of the beeswax wrap?

  • If you’ve reached the point where the beeswax wrap needs to be replaced. Take a pair of scissors and cut it into strips and then add it to your compost.

Can I use beeswax wraps to store hot food?

  • It is not recommended that you store hot foods in the beeswax wrap. We recommend that if you have a hot food inside of a storage container and you are planning to use your beeswax wrap as a lid. Place the hot food in a fridge or leave it out on the counter to cool down. Once the food has reached room temperature, you can place the beeswax wrap on top of the container to cover.

What type of food can’t be stored in a beeswax wrap?

  • It is not recommended that you store or cover raw meat with the beeswax wrap.

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