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H20 Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

H20 Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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Stay Hydrated, Refreshed, And Energized!


A must have for the gym, traveling, sports, yoga, camping, and any other activities. No more buying expensive bottled water, sports drinks, soda or "vitamin" flavored water, which are full of refined sugar and empty calories. Every reusable water bottle has an impact in limiting plastic pollution worldwide.

  • Enhance your water in seconds... Just throw in your favorite fruit, squeeze, and it's ready to drink!
  • Built in juicer to to instantly infuse fruit into your water.
  • Drink healthy & save money!
  • BPA free & dishwasher safe.
  • 650 ml capacity, lots of room for water, ice, and your favorite fruit!
  • Eco friendly design.
  • FREE Worldwide shipping & money back guarantee!
  • Leak proof bottle.

A healthier lifestyle starts here. The options are endless, get creative with thousands of combinations of fresh fruit, veggies, teas, herbs, and much more! If you enjoy it, so will those around you, our H20 Fruit Infuser Water Bottle makes a great gift for those of all ages!


✔️ Flush toxins from your system
✔️ Improves your mood
✔️ Fills you up to cut back snacking
✔️ Reduces muscle fatigue while exercising
✔️ Prevents groggy afternoon feeling



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