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Natural Bamboo Detangling Hair Brush

Natural Bamboo Detangling Hair Brush

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Reduce Waste, Tangles, and Damaged Hair By Switching To The Sustainable Alternative - 100% Organic Bamboo Hair Brush!

Using only the finest-quality, ethically sourced bamboo, our hair brushes have made many ditch those traditional plastic brushes for good. Your daily hair routine just got that much better as our brushes are sure to provide maximum comfort while massaging your scalp to stimulate natural hair growth. 

Why switch to bamboo over it's wooden alternative? Bamboo is critical for balancing atmospheric gases. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an entire band of trees, while also holding the record for the fastest growing plant... ever! It doesn't stop there, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. No need to worry about bacteria & mold forming in your brush after a shower (unlike plastic...). 

  • Eco-Friendly Product - Using only handcrafted sustainable bamboo paired with natural rubber cushion, our brushes are 100% biodegradable.
  • Pain-Free Experience - Bamboo bristles promote detangling throughout the hair, exfoliating for a healthy scalp (unlike painful nylon, metal, and plastic).
  • Rounded Bamboo Bristles - Help to smoothen and condition your hair evenly with essential nutrients. 
  • Hair Benefits - Natural bamboo prevents damage, split ends, snagged hair and more! Naturally distributing the scalps essential oils to increase volume and promote a healthy shine. 
  • Head Benefits - Bamboo bristles are subtly wide & round to massage & stimulate blood flow for increased hair growth.  


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