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Natural Kitchen Loofah

Natural Kitchen Loofah

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Sustainability in the Kitchen

Help put an end to mass-produced synthetic plastics and try our all-natural compostable kitchen loofas today! There's no better way to start reducing waste in your kitchen than starting small by replacing the disposable plastics that often pollute our oceans.

 These reusable kitchen scrubbers are made from biodegradable and 100% natural loofah, a plant from the gourd family whose soft but strong fibers are tough on dirty pots and pans while still being gentle on the planet.

  • 2 Included in each set
  • Organic loofah, free of chemical & dyes
  • BPA-Free, Plastic-Free
  • 100% vegan & cruelty free
  • Suitable for any kitchen or bathroom
  • Home compostable
  • 3-4 weeks recommended daily use for each
  • Unprocessed, pesticide and herbicide free

These loofah kitchen sponges are a cheerful addition to any home and are made of naturally grown and processed loofah. Pop them into the dishwasher with a load of dishes to keep them clean. If you choose a loofah to scrub the house, or yourself, you should give yourself a pat on the back!

Loofahs are considered an environmentally friendly choice. And they are biodegradable!

Once you’re done with your loofah, just toss it in your compost bin.

  • This natural kitchen sponge is made from 100% loofah and sewn with 100% cotton thread making it fully compostable.
  • Before your first use, place the sponge in water and allow it to absorb water and expand. Hang to dry after using. Dishwasher safe on top rack.
  • Most sponges are made of plastic and not only are they around for hundreds of years but they allow microplastics to go down the drain and into our water systems.

How It's Made

Loofahs are not sea sponges. They’re a vegetable that grows on vines in subtropical climates, such as India and Egypt. The loofah resembles a long pointy gourd or a cucumber and can grow to be quite large. When it’s ready for harvest the loofah is dried, peeled, and deseeded. Inside are the fibrous innards that we’d recognize as a loofah sponge.

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