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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Safety Razor + 20 Blade Refills

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Safety Razor + 20 Blade Refills

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The average household goes through 100's of plastic disposable razors every single year, resulting in millions of plastic razors polluting our landfills annually. It's far past the time to call for an end to these & every other pollutant humans use on a daily basis. Here at Ethical Earth, we're proud to offer sustainable solutions from biodegradable cotton swabs & bamboo toothbrushes to reusable grocery bags, covering everything in between. 

You can save over $400 per year by using a reusable eco-friendly razor! Why pollute when you can save money & start zero waste shaving?? Each razor kit comes with 20 blade refills, enough to last for nearly a year of daily use (over a year of supply when used every other day or less). Made sustainably from organic ethically-sourced bamboo & built for years of use with proper care so that you won't ever have to buy another razor again! 


  • Double edge safety feature protects you from cuts & scrapes for a smooth, crisp shave every time. 
  • Natural bamboo handle.
  • Once you purchase the razor, you only need blade refills for future use. Luckily, we include a year's supply already!
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • A better shaving experience without the plastic waste. 
  • Saves over $400 per year along with actions to help the planet. 
  • Unisex - great shave experience no matter what. 

Bamboo is Earth's fastest growing natural fiber, making it a perfect sustainable alternative to many plastic pollutants. Make a difference & switch to our Eco-Friendly Bamboo Safety Razor while supplies last. 

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